Corfe Castle 

St. Leonards

Run or Dye say thank you with colour campaign following Toby Harvey’s nomination.

Foxes Moon was awarded a gift of colour in the form of a mural to really brighten up the lives of those people who work and are cared for at Foxes Moon care home.

Digital Image for client approval

Most of the residents were local and I decided that Corfe Castle would be a place that many would have visited and would be recognisable. 

The addition of the Fox relates to the name of the home, Foxes moon for the staff and owners to appreciate. 

Bright colours with warm tones to keep the room cheerful. 

Keeping to the theme of Swanage I decided the Steam Train would be another recognisable feature and added a talking point that the male residents would be interested in. 

The characters on the hill were originally a way of including children for the elderly to enjoy. By the time I finished the work, they became the railway children as the residents named them!