and thanks for visiting. A few words about what I do, how I got here and how I work. 

I've had an unrelenting interest in art and design since childhood. My favourite subjects are anything with a heartbeat. The eyes really are the windows to the soul and meeting a subject is my preference. However, I have painted successfully from reference photographs and from talking to a client to find that spark that needs to be captured.


Having spent some years gaining an HND in graphic design and illustration and finally a BA, I couldn't wait to ditch the pc and get back to fine art. Being a music teacher by full time profession I am lucky to have had free time to do this. A few years have passed by and I'm now dabbling in the world of digital art again but still prefer to work in oils or pastels, pencils, crayon, watercolour, inks, acrylics. 

 I like to experiment with fresh ideas and techniques. For this reason you will find that my portraits and ideas will often be completely unique when I've been left to my own devices. However, I am disciplined enough to listen to what you really want to gain from your portrait and I will always value your wishes. Ultimately, the end goal will always be happy clients.